with Suzanne & Satyen Raja

June 9 - 11, 2017 Las Vegas
Nov 3 - 5, 2017 San Diego

This is a small, exclusive, private event where everyone gets individual attention from Satyen and Suzanne, it’s for people who are ready to dive in deep and ready for the change they want to create in their life.

Do you want to experience
how to live your life in your greatest depth?


Do you want to know how to magnify your feminine sexual sacred essence?

How to live from your bliss?

How to create the relationship that fully meets your heart longing?


Do you want to know how to magnify your sexual power?

How to cultivate your presence, how to be
the man you want to be and create the
relationship that nurtures your body and

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“It’s not an entry level event,

this is for people who are really ready to dive into spiritual awakening of tantra. It is a small, exclusive event – that is created based on the people who are attending, so we can dive deep.”
-Satyen Raja

It’s about the experience.

Its not just the knowledge, information or skills, it’s the experience that makes it work.


“It’s like David Deida – only better. If you read his books, if you felt (like I did) – I want it, I want it all, but I don’t know HOW – this workshop is for you. Satyen doesn’t just show you how, he lets you FEEL it – in every cell of your body, and once you feel it – you know it’s possible, then you know how to re-create it in the rest of your life. It’s not one of those feel good workshop and then forget about it later, it’s about change and transformation. How do I know – I’ve been there. If you knew me from before you wouldn’t recognize me.”-Rovana Skye

  • How to magnify your feminine sexual sacred essence.
  • Open and dissolve any area that are contracted around your sexuality.
  • Cultivate yoga of life and bliss through your body.

If you are single – it’s about how to attract someone who meets your heart longing.

  • It’s about embodiment.
  • Learn to magnify your sexual power and your integral influence.
  • Expand sexuality to include all aspects of your being, not just your pleasure.

Satyen and Suzanne transmit the essence of tantra on a deep level and just being in that space – old barriers start to dissolve. This event is a transmission, and not just learning.

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with Suzanne & Satyen Raja

June 9 - 11, 2017 Las Vegas
Nov 3 - 5, 2017 San Diego

Tuition: $5000

Includes your partner if they will attend with you.

All prices exclude meals & accommodations, transport to and from retreat centre.

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About Satyen and Suzanne Raja:

They are leaders, teachers, visionaries, they have taught tantra to tens of thousands of people all over the world, they have studied with some of the most amazing tantra teachers in the East and the West and now they are ready to share their knowledge and wisdom with us. They are a living example that this stuff works – they have been together for 30 years, and their sexuality and passion is getting higher and higher.

See Suzanne & Satyen In action!.

It’s amazing what can be done for a relationship in minutes... imgaine what can be accomplished in hours..